Create Address Locator  'US Address - Single House' based on a single address field

Discussion created by nbanerjee on Mar 20, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2014 by bniemand-esristaff

I must be missing something. 

I have a buildings layer with address (house number, street name, street type, etc.) all in one field named "Address".  City and zip are in separate fields.  I am trying to create a Address locator using 'US Address - Single House', but when I do so it seems to want to have the address separated in multiple fields (e.g. House Number, Street Name, etc.).  I dont want to try to parse my data out.  I tried specifying the single 'Address' field for all these related fields, but that does not seem to work.

How do I create an Address Locator based on a single 'Address' field?