Data synchronization (source: enterprise gdb, destination: file gdb),

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Data synchronization (source: enterprise gdb, destination: file gdb),

I have highlighted this issue several times ago.

In my current workflow, our enterprise geodatabase (source) is mapped to file geodatabase (destination) by replica. Our web mapping application reads from this file geodatabase. The reason behind this is the PERFORMANCE. Reading the layers and services that is sourced from file geodatabase is much more powerful that reading them from enterprise geodatabase.

Replica Disadvantage:
Three type of changes are not updated through the synchronization:
1. Layers added to the source
2. Field added to the source
3. More than 1000 records (features) deleted from the source.
If one of the above mentioned actions are performed on the source geodatabase, then the file geodatabase must be deleted and new replica should be created.

Replica Advantage:
The only advantage of the synchronization is that the data update from the source to destination can be done easily without the need to stop any service (using the �??synchronize changes�?� tool)!

At the moment, there is no GEOPROCESSING tool that can create replica from the enterprise gdb to the file gdb.

1. The �??create replica�?� tool doesn�??t allow tables (non-spatial data) to participate in the replica
2. The �??create replica�?� of tool bar requires adding all the layers of the enterprise gdb to the ArcMap to create the replica. This is itself a headache

What I�??m looking for is one single tool that can take all the updates from the source to the destination IN ONE GO. This tool is supposed to:
1. Delete the existing file gdb (destination)
2. Create new replica between the enterprise gdb (source) and the file (destination)

Is that possible in theory?

Thank you