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Delete Rows in model builder hangs

Question asked by Colli on Feb 11, 2014
Latest reply on May 14, 2014 by Colli
Does anyone else see issues with the Delete Rows GP tool hanging at 10.1?

We are using this GP tool within a model that updates records within a polygon SDE feature class. Our model uses a view which is a table of of new projects. We are creating a temp layer with "Make Feature Layer" using a little SQL query so that the new temp layer has only the records that are in the new project view. We are then utilizing the delete rows to delete all records matching the view in the SDE feature by way of the temp layer>delete rows.

The records are removed from our SDE feature class just fine. Our issue is in the time it takes to delete these records. Even when there are only 12 records to delete, it can take upwards of 7 minutes to run. Our SDE feature class is quite large (400K records) but they are indexed.  We did not have this type of lag with our 9.2 env running on SQL 2000, so I was wondering if anyone had an idea whether or not this is related to 10.1 or maybe the way our SDE has been setup in the 10.1 env. Which is running on a SQL 2008r2 release.