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output tool modelbuilder as input for other tool modelbuilder

02-02-2011 10:57 PM
New Contributor

I have the following problem while combining two tools within the modelbuilder-environment
With a first tool (feature class to coverage) I converted a shapefile to a coverage. Now I want to convert the polygon feature class of this coverage back to a shapefile (feature class to feature class). However, I cannot use the polygon feature class of the coverage as input for the second tool before it is created. I solved this by running those 2 tools in 2 seperate models. After the coverage is created in the first model, I made a second model which now can use the polygon feature class of the coverage as input. However, I was wondering if there 's no easier way to overcome this problem?

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I don't think so, I am having the same kind of problem.  Modelbuilder at 10 is too stupid to use.
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I know this is old but use:

Select Data (modelbuilder)

Select polygon as your data element and use output or run feature class to feature class after select data to create polygon of the coverage polygon.
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