RE: Attribute Inspector SaveButton - Bug with chrome and firefox

Discussion created by ganeshssac on Feb 7, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2014 by agup-esristaff
Hi ESRI Developer team / GIS folks,

I have developed an WEBGIS application where an user can go &  edit individual feature layers in the application.

As you know, the attribute inspector by default only comes with delete button. But, for some, users would like to have a save
button added on to attribute inspector and once they have completed editing, they wanted to use the save button. So, I have looked at the sample link below from ESRI javascript API and implemented the functionality into my application.

The delete button and save button works extremely well in Internet Explorer, but fails to execute in FireFox and Chrome.

So to test this, I checked the sample link above to see whether the code works in firefox and chrome, but the problem is the same
in the ESRI sample link.

The problem is when you copy the link above in FF or Chrome and click any feature on the map and make some changes to the attribute, if you press save button, it will save on chrome and FF. But, if you press Delete button to delete a feature, then, it activates the save button, but not delete button. Actually the problem is here with the delete and save button, in FF and chrome.

Can you please look into this sample link above and throw some lights on how to fix it.