Uploading tile package won't stop processing and has errors

Discussion created by BrackeH on Dec 6, 2013

I have a tile package that I am trying to upload to ArcGIS Online. This tile package had been created with a specific polygonal Area Of Interest in order to limit the total number of tiles created.

I can add the tile package as an Item. When ArcGIS Online unpackages the tiles, it appears that it expects to generate tiles for the entire extent and does not stop "processing" tiles, even though all of the relevant tiles have been unpackaged (if I open the service in ArcGIS Online everything that should be visible is visible). So I went to to see what I could do. I can Cancel all jobs so that the service stops Processing. But this isn't a perfect scenario. When I look at the Tile Service Statistics, there are many errors that look like this:

Unable to extract tiles from tile package, bundle file(s) [/L15/R2b80C1400.bundle, /L15/R2b80C1400.bundlx, /L15/R2b80C1480.bundle, /L15/R2b80C1480.bundlx, /L15/R2b80C1500.bundle, /L15/R2b80C1500.bundlx, /L15/R2b80C1580.bundle, /L15/R2b80C1580.bundlx] may be missing in the package.

And when we call the service in a javaScript application, all of the tiles appear, but the JavaScript console comes up with 404 errors (Not Found).

Is there a way to add a blank.png into the service as a default for the missing tiles? I can't seem to do this like I can in ArcGIS Server.