Model Builder Inputs/Outputs errors

Discussion created by jan.devaty@fsv.cvut.cz on Dec 4, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2014 by MavKat
Hi everyone,
I'm quite experienced with Model Builder and scripting with python but I recently hit a problem that I can not resolve:

I have created quite complicated model in Model Builder (ArcMap 10.2) having about 20 inputs (Layers/Feature Classes, Strings, multiple Feature Classes ...) and two output Feature Classes.
When I feed the model with inputs in the Model Builder editing environment everything works just fine and it does what it should. BUT when I execute the model from the Toolbox and feed it with the same data (even when I save the edited model with the inputs and then just executed it) I got 4 errors #000735 (2 times "Input Features: Value is requiered" and 2 times "Output Feature Class: Value is requiered").
I understand what the errors mean, the problem is that the Error pop-up window doesn't say anything about what are the tools that cause the problem. So I have no clue where to dig to eliminate the bug. And second of all I can not locate the trouble spot from the editing environment, because everything works fine there ...

I'd like to have the resulting model "compact and distributable" without the need to edit it everytime I (or anyone else) would like to execute it.
I searched the internetz, I searched this forum, but didn't find anything to help me move forward ...

Any help will be much appriciated