Empty ArcSDE spatial view not being recognized

Discussion created by KG22 on Nov 4, 2013
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AGS/SDE 10.1 direct connect

I can create a spatial view and it renders fine in catalog/arcmap/ags. But if i modify the sql OR if a situation arises that makes my view devoid of records then all of the sudden sde and ags get really 'stupid' and have no clue what my geometry type or coord sys are for that view. my ags map service fails and ags reports that it has no support for this geometry type

Am i to believe that a spatial view MUST always have at least one record in it?
I work with data that expires after a certain time. So as time elapses records become removed from a view such that at some points in time there will be no data that satisfies the view. When that happens everything goes downhill.