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Limit to character length: Geoprocessing Inputs

Question asked by keags1 on Oct 21, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2013 by keags1
Good day all,

I was hoping to get clarity on an issue I am having with the use of Geoprocessing tools in VB.NET.

Essentially I have an Add-In that draws in a number of Geoprocessing Operations.

I am using the GP.Execute(Geprocessor Name, Nothing) way of conducting the whole thing.
The inputs for this need to be the path of the shapefiles i.e. C:\Directory\Test.shp

I am getting stuck when trying to use data sitting on the server.
The GP.Execute simply will not work.

If I do the process manually, it works - so I do not think its a server rights issue.
Which leads me to believe its a Character Limit - is there a character limit to inputs / outputs in a geoprocessor?

If I keep the data on my C:\ and use short directory names, everything works 100%.

Any ideas / solutions will be welcomed!

Many thanks