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Format infoTemplate content with custom function

Question asked by drc_ on Sep 24, 2013
Latest reply on May 22, 2014 by dcisson
I'm trying to format the value of a field for display in an infoTemplate but nothing is happening; it appears as though the function is not being called. I used the example here as a guide, see the compare() function.

I simply want to format the text to display either Gbps or Tbps based on the value of the field. The relevant field is called "Capacity_G" and I put the console.log statements in there to test whether the function was executing; it is not.

var infoTemplate = new InfoTemplat(); infoTemplate.setTitle("<b>Cable: ${NAME}</b>"); infoTemplate.setContent("Capacity: ${CAPACITY_G:formatCapacity}");  function formatCapacity(value){     console.log("LALALALALAA");     var cap = "";     //1Tb = 1024Gb     if (value >= 1024){         cap = value/1024 + "Tbps";     }     else {         cap = value + "Mbps";     }     console.log("LALALALALALALA");     return cap; }

What have I done wrong? The text in the resulting popup appears unmodified, exactly as it is in the attributes of the data.