Portal for ArcGIS: Tie into AD without HTTPS?

Discussion created by pfoppe on Aug 12, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2013 by hesscorp
Has anyone installed the Portal for ArcGIS solution and successfully tie it into Windows AD without requiring HTTPS?

Based on the ESRI Documentation... The portal can be configured to use Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) but that will require HTTPS (SSL) to be enabled on the Web-Adaptor/IIS server. 

We have many ArcGIS Server deployments which most are running just HTTP over port 80.  If we enable this it appears that all services that run over HTTP port 80 will be inaccessible to the Portal for ArcGIS solution.  Our security requirements on user accounts are quite extensive (12 chars, mixed case, special chars, numeric, expire 60 days, etc, etc, etc) so the BUILT-IN User store is not an adequate solution. 

Based on the ESRI Documentation... The portal can also be configured using LDAP.  My question (s):

  • Has Anyone tried to tie into an existing AD implementation using LDAP and Portal for ArcGIS without HTTPS being required?

  • If so - What network traffic is being passed back and forth?  I would assume some sort of token and the user name.  Is that being passed via SSL, but allow non-ssl services to be registered and consumed on the interactive maps?

Thanks for any feedback!