Trouble with JS API v3.4 in IE8

Discussion created by beck3905 on Jun 28, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2013 by khutchins-esristaff
I have a JS API v3.4 web application that works fine in Chrome, Firefox, and IE 10, but for some reason in IE 8 the page won't load.

When I look at the console in IE 8 all I get is:

'undefined' is null or not an object

This error says it occurs in the 3.4 API file at line 15, character 13,092, which doesn't help me at all in determining the cause of the problem because the API is minified.

Any idea what could be causing this issue in IE 8 only?  According to the JS API docs, it should be supported in IE 7-10.