Spatial Extension in Arcgis

Discussion created by ankita_bhatia01 on Jun 26, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2013 by matthewb
We have an EDN license but are not sure if we have the Spatial Extension or not.
Also there is no help we could find on how to use the same.
The team is very new to ESRI products and would greatly appreciate a prompt reply for following:
1. How do I know if my EDN has Spatial Extension? Is there a piece of code I can use and run to make sure it is there?
2. Is there a way other than using a GPK to use Spatial Extension to generate Contour lines? This is really important and we are struggling to find any help on this topic.
When I create a License for the test deployment and check the Spatial Extension -> license strings are added to my test license.
What does that denote?

A few important decisions rely on the availability of Spatial Extension, kindly reply ASAP.