getting data on https (The resource from this URL is not text)

Discussion created by das.apratim on Jun 20, 2013
I require this urgent help here

I am trying to fetch data from via FeatureLayer over https


The problem is as soon this server is on https, and we are not getting proper response

This is the type of response that we get from the server, when we do


The resource from this URL is not text: https://<server-name>/rest/services/grid/MapServer/0/query?f=json&where=NAME%20%3D%20%27AGR1%27%20AND%20SUBGRID_PRESENT%20%3D%20%27NO%27&returnGeometry=true&spatialRel=esriSpatialRelIntersects&outFields=NAME%2CGRID_NUMBER%2CCOUNT%2COBJECTID&callback=esriDojo.io.script.jsonp_esriDojoIoScript4._jsonpCallback

Please let me know how can I fix this problem.

As soon as we switch to http it all works well