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Polyline Overlap Count

Question asked by dwightlanier on May 16, 2013
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Hi all,

I'm looking to use a file with GPS traces of animal paths through a study area and show places where they have passed more frequently.  Each path is a separate feature and counts a one journey through the area.  A simple case of this would be satisfied by giving each feature an attribute table value of 1, using the polyline to raster tool, and then summing all rasters (after recoding NoData to 0, of course).

But I do not have that simple case.  The problem comes when one path travels over itself at some point within the study area.  An example would be like something the shape of a lollypop.  An animal travels down the stick, loops around the candy, then travels back up the stick the same way it came in.  While this is one path, the animal used a certain section of the area twice in that traversal, and I am interested in capturing this.  I want the final cumulative raster to reflect even these intra-path overlaps.

Polyline to Raster will not cumulatively add these. 

A final raster would be one that has a simple count integer for the number of times a line passed through each grid cell.  Any ideas?