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Merging line-features from 2 different layers

Question asked by Wolfgang_Obruca on May 12, 2013
Latest reply on May 13, 2013 by rfairhur24

Im struggling a lot with the following issue:

I got one shapefile which shows main rivers (those rivers again are segmented into several parts by an ID); as well as one shapefile with the corresponding tributaries to those main rivers.
My task is to merge the tributaries to the main rivers in such way that the endproduct will be a total river network. The idea then is to get a combined polyline for every main river segment and the tributaries belonging to it, i.e. the number of main river segments is just the same as before, it is only that now each main river segment should be extended by tributaries.
I did already some attempts on spatial joining the tributaries to the main rivers (join many to one), which works, but I the layout view is still lacking of tributaries.
Other attempts like "union" did not work either, because they require polygon shapefiles.
The dissolve tool again needs to be fed with only one shapefile, which is not the case here. And finally, merging is not leading to the desired goal, because it constructs two distinct data sets in the attribute table rather than assigning the tributaries to the segments.

Any suggestions or solutions for this?

I hope anyone out there in the Esri forum knows how to resolve my tricky problem;)
Many thanks in advance,
Greetings, Wolfgang O (Austria)