Using Location-Allocation to determine % demand that is supplied for shortest distanc

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Hello --

I am new to using Network Analyst -- and currently exploring the Allocation-Location options of ArcGIS 10.1.  I am trying to find the right tool to distribute a fixed supply of vegetables (pts. of supply) to consumers (pts. of demand) in terms of least cost (as distance).  Using the Maximize Capacitated Coverage option, I can see the facilities that distribute to the demand points using the SHORTEST distance criteria.  HOWEVER, this RESULT does not show (1) the supply utilization --> how much of the total supply (capacity) has been distributed or (2) the demand fulfilled --> how much of the demand was met (in terms of % demand met at each point).

Can someone please let me know if I am using the right tool -- or if I need to use a combination of tools to solve this problem?

Thank you,
Jamie P.
Doctoral student in Ag, Food and Environment at Tufts University