Using both Windows Domain and AGS built-in authentication in ArcGIS Server 10.1

Discussion created by stsnider on Apr 11, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2020 by phanmore
In ArcGIS Server 10.0, we could have multiple web instances which allowed for an instance to use Windows Domain authentication and another instance to use Database Authentication (SQL Server Express).  I'm trying to figure out how I can setup this functionality in 10.1.  In the GIS Server component, you can choose:

1. User/Roles from AGS built-in store
2. User/Roles from Windows (existing enterprise system)
3. Users for Windows and Roles from AGS built-in store

I want BOTH Windows (users/roles) and AGS built-in store (users/roles).  How do I do that?  Can I set that up by installing multiple instances of the web adaptor?  On the server that will host the web adaptor(s), I was thinking I could have two IIS websites (using two different ports).  One website would have the web adaptor using Windows Authen, while the second website would have a second install of the web adaptor using ArcGIS Server's built-in store for authentication.

If anyone has experience with this type of setup or has a better idea, please share your wisdom.  I'd appreciate it.