Tracking geocode server request errors

03-23-2020 04:32 AM
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We recently migrated a large address geocode service from the hosted server on our Portal to a non-federated multi machine ArcGIS Server site (all 10.7.1). I switched over the URLs in the Utility Services section of our Portal's organisation settings and also spent quite a long time going through individual Portal applications switching the search widgets to point at the new service URL.

The old address geocoder service is now stopped but I have noticed that I'm still getting the occasional flurry of error messages in Server Manager on the hosted server. 

Error performing reverse geocode operation Service Locators/comp_Address/GeocodeServer not started

Error finding address candidates Service Locators/comp_Address/GeocodeServer not started

I didn't actually think this particular service was getting used for any reverse geocoding but that's not too important.  The main question is how do I go about tracking down where these requests are coming from? There isn't a great deal of useful information in the server logs - requestID field has a value but nothing in the user name field.



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Hello Gareth,

It may be difficult to get information from the ArcGIS Server side regarding the client accessing the service. Is the service secured? You may want to take a look at the ArcGIS Server statistics tab in server manager. If you filter for the relevant geocode service you can get a better idea of when the requests are being made.

I would also recommend enabling 'DEBUG' level logging for ArcGIS Server. This causes ArcGIS Server to log more detailed messages and may provide additional insight.



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Hi Thomas,

Thanks for the reply. Yes the old geocode service was published to the Portal's hosting server using an administrator account.  I will keep an eye on when the requests are being made to see if there is a consistent pattern and then look to temporarily enable the more detailed logging level to see if I can track down.  It's one of those cases where it would actual be quite useful if the end user got in touch to say that it's not working as at least then I would know where to start looking!



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