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Responsive design via an iframe for ArcGIS Java Script API 3.2

Question asked by sunilpalkar on Feb 21, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2013 by sunilpalkar
Hello All,

Currently I am working on ArcGIS JSAPI ver 3.0/3.2 . I have created few maps in .html files then my IT admin putting this file in i-frame (at our custom site)

I am not using i-frame in my .html file. Interesting fact is that when I access the map on various device say (i-pad ,tab ,laptop ,mobile) my map is not resizing properly even I am testing in Firefox (Responsive Design View) its not resizing.

1.I have inserted the meta tags for i-os still its not resizing.

2.Checking the CSS also (CSS might not the issue)

3.Going though similar questions 1 , 2

4.Researching on this at my end

Any help/suggestions will be great.. thanks..

Complete code @ JS Fiddle