Modification of the Create Job Widget in Flex Viewer

Discussion created by agaiser on Jan 29, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2015 by drackleyad
I am not a web developer, instead I am trying to figure out whether something can be done in order for someone else to develop it, so if this question seems rudimentary my apologies.

We have a workflow that is to be used when a Capital Works project is initiated that involves edits to our Road Centreline database. We would like the job creator to use the Flex Viewer to Create this job type as they are not ArcGIS users.

I have installed the 10.0 SP3 version of the Workflow Manager Flex Viewer and it seems to be working. The issue is that our naming convention for Jobs includes the Prefix value. For example the user would create a Job of the Type Capital Works. If they were using the Workflow Manager interface they would select the Job Type: Capital Works, toggle Prefix and enter a Unique number that defines the Capital works project. The name of the job then uses the value in the prefix field. For example the user would enter the prefix value ISD-1234 and the job would then be called ISD-1234_CapitalWorks_[JOB:ID].

The out of the box create job widget does not expose the Prefix field. I would like to modify the widget to include the prefix, but from my VERY limited knowledge, I do not see that as a parameter of Create Job operation. Can someone confirm if I am correct?