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Looping and Dependencies

02-24-2015 06:33 AM
Esri Contributor

I've noticed that looping causes a problem if the loop involves creating a new job and having the next step dependent on the status of that job. It will create the first job fine and will move to the next step once that job is completed. However,  if the workflow loops back to the step to create a job it will only create a new job if you press run. It will have the complete step button visible and allow the user to bypass creating the job because it recalls the past jobs dependency. This is causing problems because workers will bypass this step by pressing complete and not starting the new job.

Is there a way to create a looping process that is dependent on the next job's (or at least freeze the current workflow) completion and be able to create new jobs if it loops back?

Amanda De Medeiros
Esri Canada
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