ArcGIS for Server Bug NIM-086349 affecting JS API?

Discussion created by jay.gregory on Dec 28, 2012
Latest reply on May 24, 2017 by jay.gregory
I'm running ArcGIS for Server 10.1 SP1, and have recently been made aware of the bug that makes alternate get requests fail and the workarounds documented in this post and this one

Is this bug affecting the JS API when using a feature layer pointing to a REST service?  For instance, I believe the FeatureLayer class is configured to query/redraw on map zoom.  So when I zoom the map, the graphics disappear.  And then when I zoom again, they reappear.  This also occurs if I use a setInterval on a layer to auto-refresh on an interval.  I'm hoping this is related to the bug and not caused by something else (but I'm not sure how the FeatureLayer class works, which is why I'm asking here).  If it is related, is there a workaround.  If no workaround, any progress on a hotfix, since this seems pretty serious....

Thanks, Jay