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Publishing a feature service using a versioned feature class

Question asked by BrianO on Oct 24, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2017 by Hjmcea
I have been successfully publishing map services with data from my Enterprise SDE (SQL Server) geodatabase.  The database is registered for use with Server map services.

I am now attempting to create a feature service for editing data within my Flex viewer.  The feature class is trails and the feature class is versioned for editing.  I have created a new public version for the trails feature class and it is the only layer in my mxd.  Permissions to the trails data have my ArcGIS Server account (a Windows domain account) granted with select, insert, update, and delete.  When I go to publish the mxd as a feature service, the Analyze process throws an error saying the feature service requires a registered database.

It appears that my version is not recognized as being registered, even though the SDE database in which this feature class is stored is registered.  Are there some extra steps when publishing a feature service using a versioned feature class?