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Add stationing to routes from text file?

Question asked by cbec on Oct 17, 2012
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Morning all,

I have a fairly complicated linear referencing task that I am trying to tackle with Arc and so far it is stumping me. Basically I have several river alignments that I have converted into routes. Some are short, while others are very long (~100 miles). Separately I have a text file with water surface elevation along each of the river alignments at some arbitrary river mile stationing. The text file stationing does not line up in any way with the vertices of the river alignments (which were exported from CAD).

What I am trying to do is somehow create station points at each of the river miles listed in the text file along each alignment in GIS. The goal being to assign water surface elevation to those nodes. The problem would be so much simpler if I had XY locations for each of the water surface elevation points, but unfortunately all I have is stationing relative to each river alignment.

Any thoughts or ideas?

Edit: Using ArcGIS 9.3 and have licensed version of ET Geowizards