Excel point data to contour maps

Discussion created by meadz on Oct 10, 2012
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Well here goes - ive been hitting my head on a wall the last couple of hours and i'm hoping that someone here can help me out with a project i'm trying to finalise. Thanks in advance.

I have a mass of drilling data and the aim will be to model between similar rock units. For instance each hole has a unit in it that I will call "Sandstone". I would like to prepare a layer that shows the variabiliy of this layer (contour this feature across my designated area)

I have started out preparing the data in excel.

All the data has locational data and associated rock information below that point. I am in the process of ensuring the naming of the units is the same.

Now to the ESRI query - ive been experimenting with different options within spatial analyst. So far I have been getting the best results just using the default settings from "Spline".

Ive been selecting for instance the "Sandstone" unit within my spreadsheet (ive got around 20 boreholes in there at the moment)

So my question: is this the preferred way to approach this type of problem? Is spline the most suitable choice? How do I set contours with a set spacing (eg 100m).

Any advice regarding this process would be greatly appreciated.

If anyone can direct me to a resource dealing with this process that would also be great.

If you require further information please let me know.