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Feature Class to Geodatabase (multiple) error 000210

Question asked by krosemanp on Oct 5, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2012 by krosemanp
I am having problems using the tool on some feature classes in ArcSDE 10.0 SP3. The same feature classes both work when using using Feature Class to Feature Class tool but 1 fails with error 000210 on Feature Class to Geodatabase (multiple).

I have 2 feature classes with names
FC1 - TEST.DBO.aaaaabbbbbcccccddd
FC2 - TEST.DBO.aaaaabbbbbcccccdddddeeeee

FC1 will fail but FC2 will succeed. If I shorten the name of FC1 by 1 character (TEST.DBO.aaaaabbbbbcccccdd) it will also succeed.

I exported FC1 to a file GDB using FCtoFC. I imported from file GDB back to SDE using both FCtoFC and FCtoGDB successfully. The problem only occurs for SDE to SDE. I tried multiple SDE databases and each one had the issue with that feature class. I performed Check Geometry and Repair Geometry after exporting to file GDB; found no errors.

Does anyone know what might be wrong with the feature class to cause this behavior?