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Python Toolbox Tool and Creating a Geoprocessing Service

Question asked by crdale on Oct 2, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2012 by KG22
Hello all,

I've created a custom tool in a Python toolbox and want to publish it as a geoprocessing service.  It has three parameters, and it uses Make Feature Layer tool, Select By Location Tool, and the Execute Reviewer Batch Job tool.  It runs perfectly in Desktop.

Yet, when I publish it and go to run it as a service, ArcGIS Server says that it runs successfully, but I get no results back.  I honestly don't think that any of my code runs, even though ArcGIS Server says that it completed.  I even started picking apart my tool to see if there was an issue with certain parts, but even when I tear it down to something extremely simple, I get nothing from ArcGIS Server.  I've registered the databases and folder locations that I'm using too with Server.

Has anyone else been having issues trying to publish their geoprocessing tools to services?  Could I get some help?