Problem with polyline KML output, help wanted!

Discussion created by jemuzza on Oct 1, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2012 by Playa
Hi there,

I'm wanting to display a simple 3D polyline in Google Earth... The dataset are points collected from a total station.

1. I created a feature class from ArcCataloge by right clicking a .CSV file with Point_ID, Easting, Northing and Height fields and creating from XY table.

2. I then invoke the 'Points to Line' tool from the arcToolbox; (Data Management Tools, Features, Points to line). At this stage the polyline can be viewd in ArcScene as nomal in 3d.

3. I then export to .KML to view in Google Earth (Conversion Tools, To KML, Layer to KML)

4. When I import into Google Earth, the polyline mysteriousely has a very small ranging, incorrect height profile. The polyline appears to be sitting flat on the surface. The projection data is GDA94 (I've also tried converting to WGS84 with the same result). Also, my individual points also appear to be bearely above the Google Earth surface when I import these.

Any help would be appreciated!