Help with script I wrote that is only partially working

10-03-2012 07:47 AM
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I am trying to learn some basic script writing for arcgis and started with writing a basic script that selects features and exports them to a folder, then clips features to the new exported shapefiles.  However, the script seems to select and export the new shapefiles
correctly but does not clip.  I wanted to see if anyone with more experience can take a look at the script and pinpoint the errors I
have made so I can correct it?  Script should be attached below.

Thank You
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Looking at your code you select out a county then use that single county to clip a layer called trex_clip? Looks fine to me. Although I would put an "r" infront of your text where you declare the workspace. So your line of code should look like this:

gp.workspace = r"Y:\GIS_FILES\Georgia\GDOT\TSPLOST"

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