Make Feature Layer in Model Builder problem

Discussion created by ChrisClarke on Sep 12, 2012
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Hello All

I am having a slight problem with using the Make Feature Layer tool in model builder.

Basically I have a file geodatabase of points. I am trying to make a model to pull out points according to a reference field value. I could just make the expression for the tool a variable but unfortunatly the users who are going to use it are to dense to create a simple SQL statement.

I have created a model String variable (VRefNo) to take the reference number (Its alphanumeric hense the string. The column in the geodatabase is also a string) and tried to parse it in the usual way to the expression: "RefNo" = '%VRefNo%' and all the other variables are hard coded. I have made the variable a model parameter and checked the add to display check box for the output and made sure nothing is intermediate (There is only one toole in the model and thats it).

The model runs ok with no errors but I am not getting an output........

Any Ideas?

Many thanks in advance