Anyone using the new Python Toolboxes at 10.1?

Discussion created by KG22 on Sep 5, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2018 by sgonzalez_bha
Just wondering if anyone has used the new Python toolboxes at 10.1?
The .pyt
I am experimenting with one and could use some tips.
fyi, if you want to edit that pyt file in your favorite python editor you may have to go into the options of your editor and set it up to explicitly recognize pyt files. Mine (Wing, pyScripter) did not do that by default and there was no coloring or intellisense until i modified the program under options to read that pyt.

I want to use pyt because at 10.0 we had such a hassle with deploying script tools and toolboxes because you always need arcatalog to setup the dang params. And they seem to get out of whack on their own over time.

I'm hoping these python-based toolboxes don't work like that.
One drawback is that you only get the one pyt file - so if you want to cram 20 custom tools in there you are looking at a huge file.