not extracting values correctly from URL

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I am trying to create a URL from the current extent (and including other parameters), and then be able to extract that extent from the URL and zoom to that extent on opening the app, with a default extent if there are no parameters in the URL.

What I am getting instead is an empty map when I load a URL with parameters.  I am not getting any errors in Firebug.  Below is the relevant code:

(to extract parameters:)
    var urlToObject = locale.substring(locale.indexOf("?") + 1, locale.length);    
    var testURLExtent;    
    urlToObject = dojo.queryToObject(urlToObject);
  if ( urlToObject.urlxmin != null) 

   alert ("passed in extent from url");
   var locXmin = urlToObject.urlxmin;
   var locYmin = urlToObject.urlymin;
   var locXmax = urlToObject.urlxmax;
   var locYMax = urlToObject.urlymax;

   alert ("no params, preset extent");
   var locXmin = 896338.273119375;
   var locYmin = 116730.668986593;
   var locXmax = 1089315.70367493;
   var locYMax = 274621.293986593;
  var testURLExtent = new esri.geometry.Extent (locXmin, locYmin, locXmax, locYMax,  new esri.SpatialReference({ wkid: 2263}));

(and to create URL, from a new extent:)
    var curExtent = {
   urlxmin: pointExtent.xmin,
   urlymin: pointExtent.ymin,
   urlxmax: pointExtent.xmax,
   urlymax: pointExtent.ymax,
          var url = "";
    var queryStr = dojo.objectToQuery(curExtent);
    url= url + "?" + queryStr;
    alert (" url: " + url);

I notice that if I use only one parameter (such as xmin), and set the rest to constant values. the value is passed correctly from the URL, making me think there is a problem with the parsing of the parameters at the '&' sign?
Any help would be appreciated, thanks //