Feature to Point does NOT center point

Discussion created by hparry on Aug 28, 2012
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I have a process whereby I create points from 2 different polygon feature classes and then compare whether the polygons have moved or changed shape based on XY coordinates of the point feature classes.  To do this I use the Feature to Point tool (Data Management/Features) and set it to place the point inside the polygon.
In ArcGIS 9.3.1 the points would be placed in the center of the polygon.  In ArcGIS 10 (sp4) the points seems to be placed almost anywhere in the polygon.  Therefore if I add XY coordinates and compare the two new point feature classes the comparison finds points with differentiating XY coordinates but the polygons haven't changed.

Is there a way to get the feature to point tool to place the point in the center of a polygon?  Or is there another tool?   Any ideas are welcome.
thanks in advance

.... and for the heck of it I just tried NOT checking "inside" and voila, the points are in the middle of the polygon.  Rather bassackwards and not-intuitive....