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Unknown error upon notification and logging

Question asked by agaiser on Aug 20, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2012 by agaiser
I recenly switched my Workflow Manager administration to a new server. Unfortunately now I am finding that my notifications no longer work. In order to debug this problem I did two things:

1) created a workflow that has only one step which is a notification. I have filled in the from and to values with valid email addresses.
2) I found documentation pointing me to change the logging level to 5. (I attempted to run the WMXAdvancedSettings.exe but due to security issues I was unable to change the registry settings on the windows 2008 server I am working on. Instead I went into the registry and manually changed the LogsLevel to 5 and the LogsPath to a directory that I have write access to.

So I create a new job my super simple workflow and ran the notification step. I get the following error:
An error occurred while trying to execute this step. Unknown error.

When I check my log files I can now see the log files appearing in the defined directory and the file indicates that the logging level is set to 5. Unfortunately, the logs don't seem to provide any information about the notification. Here are some of the contents.

20/08/2012 13:39:50.915 Level: 5 ~GetJobFromRow
20/08/2012 13:39:50.953 Level: 5 ~CJTXWorkflowBase
20/08/2012 13:39:50.954 Level: 5 ~CJTXJob
20/08/2012 13:39:50.955 Level: 5 ~CJTXWorkflowBase
20/08/2012 13:39:50.957 Level: 5 ~CJTXJob
20/08/2012 13:39:50.958 Level: 5 ~CJTXWorkflowBase
20/08/2012 13:39:50.959 Level: 5 ~CJTXJob
20/08/2012 13:39:50.960 Level: 5 Finished executing the step
20/08/2012 13:40:49.862 Level: 5 ~CJTXWorkflowBase
20/08/2012 13:40:49.863 Level: 5 ~CJTXJob
20/08/2012 13:40:49.864 Level: 5 ~CJTXStep

So my question is how can I debug this issue? I know that the smtp is correct, as I have an executable that I can run that tests against the smtp on this server. Is there somewhere else that I can go to find more information?

Any suggestions welcome!