Use ModelBuilder to create polygons from points and add to a polygon feature class

Discussion created by aimong on Jun 14, 2012
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I am using ModelBuilder to create polygons from a large point file by selecting certain criteria. I was able to have ModelBuilder select certain points with criteria by iterating feature selection, and copy (features) those into point feature classes, create polygon layers from point feature classes, and create buffer feature classes, then I would be able to merge the polygon and buffer feature classes into a polygon layer for each. Using this method I am creating 1700 feature classes for each part of the process (1700x3=5,100 feature clases) so it's very time/space consuming. I would like to select points with a unique criteria, create the polygons and have them copied into a *single polygon featureclass (*this seems to be the tricky part), then i could just buffer all the polygons at one time. not sure if this is possible in ModelBuilder, ideas?