Join single points to multiple polys

Discussion created by dmede on Jun 7, 2012
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I have a student with a set of geocoded points representing political earmarks. The earmarks are geocoded to the city effected by (or named in) the earmark. I also have a layer of congressional districts with district IDs. The student wants to assign the earmarks and the sum of their values to the congressional districts they fall into. Many of the cities, and therefore the earmarks associated with them, actually fall into multiple congressional districts. The student would like to assign to each district the count of all earmarks in that district and a proportional sum of the value of the earmarks.

My main problem is that the earmarks are geocoded as city points so spatially they fall into only one district, but I need to represent them in each district they actually effect and get a proportional sum on their values (so an earmark in 3 districts would be divided by 3 before being summed into the total earmark value for each district).