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06-26-2012 09:12 AM
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Hey everyone. I was wondering if someone could offer assistance with some issues I am having with Adding an XY field to a polygon file of the Country greenland.

I have manged to split a polygon into a Point feature class and then used the "Add XY Coordinates" tool to add an X and Y coordinate to the attribute table. However, when I import the Points into another program, the point are in the wrong locations. It looks like the XY fields are calculated incorrectly. Can anybody help in this matter?

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The first thing to check are the coordinate systems (projections) of the source data and your target system.
AddXY gives positions relevent to the coordinate system: lat/long if the data is in geographic, some measured unit (meters or feet for example) in a projected system.
Note that the x,y coordinates are based on the input's coordinate system, not that of the ArcMap data frame.

If the source and target systems are different, the locations can be quite funky.
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