ArcGIS10:ModelBuilder to create Feature Classes-Make XY Event Layer.No accdb allowed?

Discussion created by ScottChang25 on Feb 28, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2012 by DJarrard-esristaff
Hi ESRI experts,
I lanched a project "ModelBuilder-1" in my ArcMap 10, and a Model of ModelBuilder from ArcCatalog 10. In the blank screen of the Model window, I added (Make XY Event Layer)->(Layer Name or Table View).  I got "Make XY Event Layer" dialog box from the Search window. The "Make XY Event Layer" dialog box has the following:
XY Table:         (Browser)
X Field:
Y Field:
Z Field:
Layer Name or Table:
Spatial Reference (optional):
I clicked on the (Browser) of XY Table of the "Make XY Event Layer" dialog box, and I saw the .mdb extension of Access 2003, but I did not see the .accdb extension of Access 2007 for me to choose and process the XY-coordinates of 10 points of my project site!!??  I do not have the Access 2003 program to generate the mdb extension data anymore. I just have the Access 2007 program to generate the accdb extension data only.   Is any way to bring the accdb extension data into the XY Table  of the "Make XY Event Layer" dialog box?   Please kindly help and advise me to resolve this issue.

Scott Chang