Joining polylines with same attributes

Discussion created by sebastianfox on Feb 21, 2012
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I???m finding it hard to do what seems like a simple instruction in ArcMap 10.
I have a layer of polylines, and essentially I want to dissolve them according to one of their attributes (say colour). For example, I want all the polylines that are brown to become one layer, all the red ones to become one layer etc., but I only want this to occur for the polylines that are touching. The dissolve tool allows me to do this where two lines share a vertex, but not if the vertex of one line is on top of the ???middle part??? of another line.

The next catch is that I also want one of the attribute fields which contains integers to be summed for each of the initial polylines to produce a sum in the new record. Eg, 5 of the brown lines have a value of 2, I want the final single line to have a value of 10.
I have 15,000 records so it is not something I want to do one by one.

One way I???ve thought of doing it is creating a vertex at every intersecting point somehow, and then using the dissolve tool. The other hints I???ve got from other forums is to use the Linear Referencing Toolbox, but I???m not too sure how to do this.

Does anyone have any advice? It would be very welcome.
Many thanks,