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create points from xlsx problem

Question asked by rafaelr on Feb 9, 2012
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not sure this is the right forum, but here goes:

i have an xlsx workbook with a couple of worksheets containing xy coordinates and some other attributes and i´d like to create point shapefiles from it.
In the catalog window the xlsx shows up as feature dataset and the worksheets as point feature classes. so i try to just drag one of the feature classes to the toc and it gets added, but no actual points show up. i tried refreshing the feature dataset in the catalog window and all the feature classes showed up as "NoGeometry" afterwards. now i basically can´t do anything with it (export to shapefile from the catalog window doesn´t work, when i drag it back into toc, it only shows an empty attribute table). Only workaround so far is to convert the xlsx back to an old xls, then i can go the "old route" of adding the table and creating an XY event layer.

I can´t imagine this is the intended behaviour, so i´d appreciate any tips on how to fix this.