ArcGIS Javascript  connecting to external GPS device?

Discussion created by spruce23 on Feb 1, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2012 by kmorefield
I'm tasked with building an application that will run on at least iOS devices.  I'd much prefer to make it an HTML5 app and use the Geolocation features provided by that spec.

What I haven't been able to find reliable information on is:

If you use an external GPS device while hooked to an iPad/Droid/Whatever, will the external unit's GPS data be available from the iOS/Droid/Whatever browser, or will it just use the built in GPS?

Basically we need the accuracy of the external GPS device from the ArcGIS Javascript API - or we'll have to build platform specific apps, which wouldn't be good given our overall goals.

Thanks for any help.