Deleting Versions in a workflow

Discussion created by tjacobsen700 on Jan 5, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2013 by danielkmog
I am having an issue with the custom clean up step in WMX.  We have circumstances where at a database level versions created in WMX and pertaining to jobs are deleted.  In "clean up" We have arguments/v /m and they work fine, except when versions are deleted at a database level.  In that case an error message of "An error occurred while trying to execute this step.Version not found[VersionNameHere]" appears when executing a clean up step.  At this point we go into the jtx.jtx_jobs table and close the jobs manually.  To solve this I would like separate the m/ and v/ agruments into separate steps.  In the custom steps the argument for deleting a version is only in the "clean up" step as far as i'm aware.  I don't think putting in two clean up steps would be wise, so I need a to create a workflow step that deletes versions.  Any suggestions??