How to get job AOI for feature layer ?

07-05-2013 12:54 AM
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I am developing program with Arcgis Workflow Manager and Silverlight....
I have created a job in workflow manager, the job have area of interest (AOI)...
I want to edit feature or draw something in a layer base on job id which I made....

Question :
- How to configure layer with job id which I made (get job AOI from job which I made)...?
- How to limit user activity base on job AOI (if edit / draw outside job AOI , a warning will be show)....?
- Is there any function / method to handle my problems...?

Thanks for help....
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Hi Kurniapank,

You can limit user activity base with the AOI boundary by setting the properties in the Workflow Manager Administrator. If you click Settings->Workflow Manager System Settings ->Area of Interest you can see the types of restrictions that can be implemented using the AOI for a Workflow Manager Geodatabase.

You can configure the AOI layer in the same Workflow Manager System Settings ->Map View where you can select an AOI specific map that you have loaded into the system. If you are working online configure the AOI feature layer in ArcMap how you would like it and publish that as a service. Then you can use the AOI rest end point to access the layer in a web viewer and have it display correctly in an online map.

Hopefully this helps,

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