Replicating Workflow repositories and data replication

06-10-2013 03:47 AM
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I need to setup workflow manger and SDE data in such a way, so that in one office user has local data and workflow manager installed. User can create jobs here and in other office (in another geographic lcoation) workflow jobs and data will be replicated, so that any jobs are created in local office with a versioned data also be visible in other office. So, anywhere user will change in jobs and in data as well will be visible in both places. Is there any solution for this situation ?

I found SDE replication but I dont know how I can mange it with workflow, because workflow repository replication do not replicate the data.

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Hi Naym,

There is no predefined way to do both at once, you may be able to create a model/GP script that does sync both though depending on your business process.

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Hi Michael

Thanks for your reply. For our business process, WM repository replication and workspace data replication need to be dynamic and have to be managed together internally through ArcGIS tools(may be). Because, all of our jobs have been created to edit versioned data. That's why, when a new job is created a new version is created to edit in ArcMap. Here every job pointing to its own data version.

On the other hand if we replicate data workspace, replication/sync works between predefined versions. So, for every job I need to define replica version at other side.

And at WM repository replication has internally no relation with data workspace(No knowledge of core data replication). and this replication works using REST. That means, the jobs always pointing to the same workspace. so, when I some how make a copy of database in other location, I cannot change respective version data to the local copy to make both side with same status...

That is my understanding (Correct me if I am wrong). So, I think, simply GP script cannot fullfil our need. But if there is any other way then would like to know in detail.

Thanks again 🙂
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