Set Numeric Format for Class Breaks Labels?

Discussion created by ccposton on Dec 2, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2011 by ccposton
Why doesn't this code change the numeric format of the labels generated when I build this renderer? When I execute the set_Break() this numeric format is correctly set in the renderer but I still get numbers that look like "110.400000" in the generated label.

INumericFormat numericFormat = new NumericFormatClass();
numericFormat.AlignmentOption = esriNumericAlignmentEnum.esriAlignLeft;
numericFormat.AlignmentWidth = 0;
numericFormat.RoundingOption = esriRoundingOptionEnum.esriRoundNumberOfDecimals;
numericFormat.RoundingValue = 2;
numericFormat.ShowPlusSign = true;
numericFormat.UseSeparator = true;
IClassBreaksUIProperties classBreaksUIProperties =
    classBreaksRenderer as IClassBreaksUIProperties;
classBreaksUIProperties.NumberFormat = numericFormat as INumberFormat;
classBreaksRenderer = classBreaksUIProperties as IClassBreaksRenderer;

The individual settings have no bearing on this question.  No matter what I change them to when I do a get_Label() after the set_Break() the number formats are unaffected.  Is there any way to change this other than manually teasing apart the resulting label?