Hyperlink within info-window using Attribute as link text

Discussion created by MicahW on Apr 15, 2010
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Well the title really says it all,

I currently have a infowindow that pops up after a query. I also currently have a working URL link within the attributes of that query.

The problem is that i want to combine two lines of the info window. I want to make the returned attribute a hyperlink.

Here is part of my infowindow code:

                    + "<br />County Board District: " + attr.CO_BOARD
                    + "<br />Board Member: " + attr.BRD_NAM
      + "<br /><a href=" + attr.URL + " target=_blank ;'>Meet Your Board Member</a>"

the link works fine but instead of  "Meet Your Board Member"  as the link text, i want it to be the attr.BRD_NAM

seems easy enough, but everything is different when you're working within the confines of JavaScript

any suggestions would be helpful and attempted.
If i figure it out before i get an answer, i'll post my findings.