Modeling Automated Mileage Calculations:

Discussion created by menglish on Oct 6, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2011 by dlee-esristaff
Hello, I am working on a two step process that would essentially calculate milieages and percentages between two datasets.  The goal is to automate a process to first calculate the total stream mileage (linear) within a Hydrologic Unit Code 12, and place the results within a predetermined field in the HUC12 (polygon).  The next step is to calculate the percentage of a specific stream type, using the totals generated from the first process.  Can this be done in a model environment, and what would be my simplest approach to automate the procedure to systematically process multiple HUC12s? 

I've preprocessed the data to split streams at the HUC12 boundaries, and added the fields to house the newly created total and percentage values.  Thank you so much in advance...