Efficient way to return complex features.

Discussion created by mons0160 on Aug 24, 2011
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Here is my scenario. 

I have an app where a user clicks on the map and an Identify Task is ran.  The Identify Task needs to be precise and get the exact feature the user clicks on.  However, while I want to return the geometry of that feature and draw it on the map I do not actually want to return that feature because the geometries are so complex.  An example is - feature A takes 8 seconds to be returned and drawn.  I have tried working with the Max Allowable Offset, however the best it can do is about 4 seconds for Feature A.  I have generalized the layers and put them in a Map Service and I am currently running an Identify Task (no geometries returned) on the complex layer and then getting the attribute info, using that in a Query function against the generalize layer and returning that geometry.  This works the best so far, typically 2 seconds. 

My question is is there a more efficient way to do this, I.E not having to make 2 rest calls?  Can I use related tables somehow?