Point Statistics output - force 32 bit pixel depth?

Discussion created by UrbisMelbourne on Aug 3, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2012 by kjokay

My input: point data, with the input field being population counts
Output raster is going into a geodatabase, so it should be a GRID by default.
I'm using a circle neighborhood, with a radius of 5000m, and the statistics type is SUM.

The output raster tops out at 65535.  This seems to indicate it's a 16 bit raster.  I know for a fact that the population sums within a 5km radius in some areas should be in the low 100,000s, so I don't understand why the GRID file isn't defaulting to 32 bit unsigned in terms of pixel depth.

What am I doing wrong here?  Can I force the output to be 32 bit unsigned?